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Make Better
Sustainability Decisions

EcoRatings is a Unified Sustainability AI Platform with a Conversational Chat interface that analyses relevant sustainability data and delivers answers in real time.

Access to ESG Data

Sustainability Focused LLM Architecture

Enterprise Data Security

Framework Agnostic System

Adaptable Reporting Template

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ESG Insights

Generative AI for Sustainability

Based on a autoregressive RAG+LLM architecture with 30 billion parameters trained on 1 trillion plus tokens of domain specific data, the EcoRatings’ Sustainability AI Model excels at analysing vast data sets for precise answers right down to the supplier level, using data models, industry standards and our own proprietary rating algorithms.

Why Generative AI for Sustainability Matters

Companies that use AI to assist in sustainability efforts

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Companies investing in AI for sustainability goals
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Companies using Excel to track sustainability data
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Companies that don't trust Net Zero data measured
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Customer Segments

Consulting Firms

Organising large data sets for faster research through an internal AI Tool for research & strategy recommendations.

Investment Banks

Performing analysis for decision-making through large data set analysis & insight generation in real-time.

Large Corporates

Compliance, value chain, & Scope 3 emission tracking through reports, competition mapping & ESG ratings.

Financial Institutions

Achieving Net Zero Carbon Emissions through portfolio ratings, loan analysis, and carbon footprint assessments.

Technology Companies

Provide a sustainability-focused AI platform bundled along with existing software or service packages.

Product Aggregators

New offerings & customer performance improvement through Eco-Friendly vertical creation & internal ESG audits.

Key Partnerships in
Sustainability and AI

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