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Customer Segment:

Large Corporates

EcoRatings equips large corporates with cutting-edge Generative AI solutions to achieve precise and transparent ESG ratings. Our tools facilitate comprehensive industry benchmarking and data-driven strategy development, empowering companies to meet their sustainability goals and maintain a competitive edge in the market.


Existing Pain Point

ESG Ratings:
Achieve accurate and transparent ESG ratings for all products and/or services sold by the company.

Industry Benchmarking:
Perform industry benchmarking against segment-leaders, with comparisons based on external data.

Strategy Development:
Develop and implement effective strategies tailored to the company’s objectives.


Compliance Comparison:
Meet compliances and compare performance across all reporting frameworks. 

Emission Tracking:
Track Scope 3 emissions by using our audited ESG rating
s, tracking and analytics tools

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