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The Future of Sustainability Decision-Making

We want to revolutionise how organisations approach and manage sustainability and decarbonisation initiatives through a proprietary, Domain-Specific RAG+LLM AI Model that unifies supply and value chain data.  

Trained on Relevant Organisation Data

Adheres to Strict Privacy & Deployment Requirements

Accesses a Targeted Repository of Information

Includes Response Sources for Accuracy

Combines With App-Specific Data for Greater Insight

A Game Changer in Sustainability AI

At the heart of our mission to redefine sustainability analytics is the RAG+LLM architecture which gives us access to external and internal organisational data ecosystems to generate the best answers possible. 

Seamlessly knit together high-value sustainability data across multiple repositories, diverse data points, applications, and information systems to turn fragmented knowledge into a coherent, actionable asset for strategic decision-making.

Cut through the noise with the ESG-specific configuration, which offers a tailored search experience across all data sources. Navigate competing signals on ESG matters to identify and prioritise critical issues, ensuring priority is given to actions that yield the most impact. 

Manage and protect critical ESG data with enterprise-grade data security that adheres to stringent privacy and deployment protocols and ensures access controls meet the highest safety standards. 

Seamlessly integrate a future-proof, model-agnostic solution into existing IT infrastructure to combine robust analytics with longevity & adaptability in evolving corporate landscapes while simplifying ESG integration.

Easily detect opportunities for sustainability metric performance enhancement, ESG reporting compliance, and environmental mandate navigation by turning data into strategic foresight.

Deployment Scope

EcoRatings’ Generative AI can be deployed across a wide range of issues and industries, such as:



Additional features

Benefits for ESG Professionals

Risk and Opportunity Analysis

Using relevant internal and external data sources, the platform helps organizations mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities for sustainable growth.

Exact Emissions Measurement

Utilising web scraping & satellite imagery to accurately measure Scope 3 emissions, providing precise data to assess eco impact and implement mitigation strategies.

Real-time Insights

Leveraging Generative AI capabilities to provide real-time insights and responses to queries, facilitating swift and accurate decision-making.

Scalable Solution

Easy to implement tools for ESG data analytics and reporting and interface with third party reporting tools and existing ERP Structures.

Data Sources