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Co-Founder and COO

Aqeel Ahmed

Aqeel is a seasoned IT professional and COO of RateGain, a global SaaS company that has significantly impacted the travel and hospitality industries. With an Executive MBA from IIM Bangalore and over 35 years of experience in the IT field, Aqeel has expertly led the design, development, and operation of complex Big Data AI platforms. 

Under his leadership, RateGain achieved an impressive ARR of $60 million and successfully launched its IPO in 2021. Aqeel also played a crucial role in securing two significant funding rounds during the company’s Series A and B stages, demonstrating his adeptness at emerging technology and building high-performing teams. 

His strategic vision and technical expertise have been central to RateGain’s growth, positioning him as a key figure in evolving business intelligence solutions for the modern market.